GoTrapping! and iGoTrapping! are powerful data collection and analysis tools for the trapper. The apps allow the tracking of sets and catches to help the user zero in on the best places and set types to make based on past success (or failure). The captured data also can provide records of annual catches.

The apps can configured in many ways. We have pre loaded some animals that are commonly trapped, types of traps, sizes of traps, types of set, and different baits and lures. You can add or delete anything you want to customize the app based on your favorites.

The apps utilize Google Maps and the GPS system already in your phone. You can easily make the sets by taking the phone with you as the traps are set. Or utilizing the Maps, you can do it in the comfort of your living room when you get home.

If you are brand new to trapping, we have loaded some YouTube videos that show you how to make particular types of sets.

The apps can be used for scouting in the off season as well.

GoTrapping/ iGoTrapping

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