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Only available on the APP Store right now. Coming soon to Google Play!

iGoPredatorHunting is not a game! It is a ground-breaking data collection and powerful data analysis app for the casual to serious hunter.

The hunter can capture the exact GPS location, time and date, weather conditions, and type of game sighted during your hunts. All at the point of the sighting.  Using the built in timer you can track how long you spend in a spot before you see your quarry. Over time, the app will have captured enough data to give you accurate predictions of where, and what time of day, you should hunt.

Gone are the days of trying to remember what you saw , where and what conditions were like for your journal. Data collection is more accurate making data analysis more reliable. The next time you go hunting you can analyze your past sightings for the best places to hunt given the current date and conditions. Plot this data on a map to see their relationship to one another and success potential. Top sighting locations are identified automatically on the map. You can also record shots and their results.  
Like to scout to improve your chance of success? Use the app to log your scouting trips, so that when hunting season arrives you know where in the woods you need to be to get your quarry.

GoPredatorHunting/ iGoPredatorHunting

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